You have been providing rides for my son Mitch for the past two years while he attended MNU. I just wanted to thank all of you for a job well done! Great Service! Mark

Mark, Kansas City Suburbs

Hello. I used your service yesterday on Thursday, May 8th. I needed a ride from St.Luke's South emergency room to 97th/98th and Metcalf. I believe it was near 2:00 p.m. I would like to send a card to thank the young man who drove me. I wish I had noted his name. You have an outstanding employee in him. I could not have asked for a kinder, more considerate person.

I think he may have called me from the following phone number to confirm my location: 816-694-2949, in case that helps you figure out who the driver was.

If I mail a card to your offices, can you make sure that it gets to him? If so, please let me know the address and to whose attention I should send it.

Amie, Kansas City Suburbs

I just received a ride from Cab 127. It was a trip from the Slumberland in Maple Grove, MN to my home in Crystal. While I am very apprehensive about cab rides because I have not had pleasant experiences. This driver is different. She was friendly, courteous, and her driving didn't make me nervous once. I would definitely use your service again and recommend 1010taxi over any other ride service. I didn't catch the driver's name, but I am sure she can be tracked by the trip.

Steven, Minnesota

I flagged down a 10/10 taxi a few days ago, I was so impressed by the service that I received. The taxi number was 121, I forgot the young lady's name she is an african american. Best ride on public transportation to date for me, she asked if there was a radio station that I'd liket to listen to, also she loaded my bags and carried them to my door step. It is nice to know that I can call 10/10 taxi and feel comfortable and safe. I love that you've made minnesota your home.

Chandra, Minneapolis