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Austin Metro Area

Contact info:

1010 TAXI
900 Round Rock Ave. Ste. 307
Round Rock, TX 78681


Book via text
Text pickup address to: (512) 733-1010

Currently serving the following cities:

Round Rock | Pflugerville | Cedar Park | Georgetown | Hutto | coming soon to Leander

10/10 Taxi is affordable and easy to understand. We charge a flat rate of $10 for any trip under five miles, each additional mile is $2. The 10/10 Taxi has a brand new fleet of bright blue Scion cabs, ensuring a clean, safe and comfortable ride every time.

Use zTrip to book your 10/10 TAXI

zTrip is the official 10/10 TAXI app that lets you book a taxi in seconds. You can book for now, for later today, or for later this week! Our service is backed by over 25 years of trusted customer support and professionally-licensed and insured drivers. With zTrip, you can expect a great ride.

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